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Nismo Festival: The Souvenirs

December 8, 2008

One of the most popular and fun parts of Nismo Festival is all the limited edition and interesting souvenirs you can pickup. And no … I don’t mean the race queens… Sheesh.

You gotta see the mad rush for this stuff at gate open time. I was a bit late showing up I admit, 8am Sunday morning exactly was when I arrived. Just as we got inside and were parking the car the gates opened and the mass of humanity flooded out of the gates. People had been waiting god knows how many hours to get a good place up front.

Once inside there’s a good reason for the rush, the line for the best items fills up quickly. Nismo Festival merchandise was popular but the most popular place was the Nismo Garage Sale Corner. Here they sell used and/or no longer serviceable parts off the past and even current SuperGT race cars. Everything from carbon hoods, carbon fenders, to entire carbon front ends.

Nismo only permit 8-10 people to browse the stuff at a time and if you’re in you feel free to take as long as you like checking out all the items. By the time I turned up I estimate the wait as long as 3 hours to get in to the stall. Being press has it’s advantages however so I was able to photograph all the items.

The wait to get in, this line moves at less than a snails pace as only 8-10 people get in at a time.

Carbon front and rear ends of the GT500 Z33 cars from 2007 and earlier SuperGT series. These might look great in your garage but you have to sneak them home past your wife first. Front bumpers were going for 40,000 yen ($400) and rear bumbers for 30,000 yen ($300).

Aero bits and pieces. Each one of these is fully carbon fibre of the highest quality and selling for between 3,000 and 10,000 yen. Again these are all off the previous seasons Z cars and if you’re a Z fan it’s quite an awesome thing to own. Each part is stamped with a Nismo label on the back too.

Full carbon rear fenders from the 2007 SuperGT GT500 Z33 cars. 20,000 yen each.

Basically an entire GT500 R34 GT-R was on this pile. A front bumper, two front fenders, a hood, a rear end a trunk and two rear fenders. 150,000 yen for the whole thing.

More aero, fenders and hoods from GT500 Z33s.

Wheels, wheels, wheels! From GT300 and GT500 cars. All forged aluminium Rays Nismo wheels 18×12 inch in old 5 spoke LMGT4 style or the new 6 spoke style. These were going for 10,000 yen but somehow I scored one for 5,000 yen. These make awesome check in luggage by the way!

Outside of the Nismo stand at the Calsonic booth spotted this full sized race worn Calsonic GT-R toolbox for 25,000 yen. Why pay $6k for the pretty boy Snap On toolkit when you can get a real mans toolkit for $250 ex SuperGT race team… Too bad I couldn’t lug this bad boy home… All the racing suits were for sale too but I don’t think they’d fit me somehow.