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Nismo Festival 2008: Tokachi 24hrs R35 GT-R Up Close

December 4, 2008

Finally got a up close look at the Tokachi 24hrs Nismo prepared R35 Nissan GT-R this weekend and it’s certainly a cool car. Being the development platform for a number of parts that made it onto the final Nissan Spec-V GT-R as well as the Nismo ClubSport Package the likelyhood that some of these parts look very similar to the Spec-V is high.

So the biggest thing that strikes as you look at the car is the cooling ducts in the front bar. In an endurance race heat is you number one enemy so these ducts provide more airflow to the intercoolers, oil cooler, radiator and brakes. The brake ducts are almost identical to those found on the GT-R Spec-V with the exception of the mounting rivets. The Spec-V will have a much more finished look to it.

The car’s wheels are the Rays forged aluminium 20″ five spoke TE37-like wheels as seen on both the Nismo ClubSport Package and the Spec-V test mule. These are painted black and are wrapped in some Bridgestone RE55S tires which in 20″ sizes are not available yet. A lot of guys questioned if that really existed so I took a closeup of the front tire and yep, they exist alright.

The mirrors are one off dry carbon OEM shape items. Unfortunately this is the only set known to exist to date and will not go into production for the Spec-V. These will most likely make it to the next production class race car but for street they are distinctly unsuitable if not extremely cool. Fortunately the aftermarket will fill the gap left by Nismo here and Zele International have already completed theirs while Mine’s are still developing their final version.

Making our way to the rear of the car brings us to that Nismo exhaust with the distinct dual tips. While these did make it to the Nismo ClubSport Package we’re not expecting the Spec-V to use this exhaust. This particular car’s exhaust is also wrapped in fiberglass heatwrap, this keeps heat in the exhaust improving gas flow inside the exhaust and air temps under the car.

A differential cooler can be seen mounted at the rear also with an aluminium duct feeding it air from underneath. Other carbon NACA ducting can be seen riveted to the carbon undertray. We are yet to see the Spec-V’s carbon undertray for design changes.

Other carbon touches can be seen barely hidden under a thin red vinyl layer such as on the trunk lid. The hood is also carbon but the rear spoiler is standard issue plastic.

Inside, we didn’t get great photos of it, but the dash has carbon MFD surrounds straight from the Spec-V production line and a clean looking roll cage. Race seat and stripped out interior save a bit of weight in here.

Click through the gallery below to see the other photographs of the Tokachi 24hrs GT-R closeup…

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