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Nismo Festival 2008: One Week To Go

November 23, 2008

Just one week to go until the biggest Nismo event outside the SuperGT race season hits Japan and we’re pumped for it. This year GTRBlog is taking you all along with us with some exclusive access to all the cars and news direct from Fuji Speedway. Nismo Festival is on next Sunday, the 30th of November.

Nismo Festival is broken down into three separate areas on the day with multiple events on simultaneously. There’s little chance to rest for the real enthusiasts. The three areas are Race Area, Paddock Area and the Stand Area. Each area has it’s own schedule so here’s a rundown what we’ll see on the day.

Race Area

  1. Historic car race – The KPGC10 Prince Skyline GT-R achieved 52 wins in it’s racing history, see it against Nissan 240Z and the TS Sunny on the circuit.
  2. Nissan MARCH Cup Exhibition race with special guest drivers
  3. Celebration of the 50th anniversary of international motor racing for Nissan. The first event being the Mobilgas Trial in Australia in 1958 where the #19 Datsun 210 “Fuji-Go” won in class A.
  4. Le Mans race simulation – The lessons learnt at Le Mans with cars such as the Nissan R390 GT1 contributed much in the way of racing knowledge to today’s SuperGT and Super Taikyu race categories.
  5. SuperGT GT500 GT-R Special Battle – See the victorious Nissan GT-R’s from SuperGT 2008 series battle in a special race against each other. Godzilla wins for sure.
  6. Grid Walk – Get up close with the GT-R’s on the Fuji Speedway racetrack grid where spectators can walk amongst them. Requires special ticket of course.
  7. Final – Parade lap for all the cars participating in Nismo Festival as the sun sets.

Paddock Area

  1. Exhibition Cars and Engines Corner – See Nismo / Nissan cars from racing days gone by.
  2. Exciting Corner – Get down in the pits as the racing GT-R’s scream past.
  3. NISMO Pits – Get in and checkout the Nismo pits up close.
  4. SuperGT Talk Show events – A chat with all the various parts of the SuperGT 2008 teams. Race queens, team managers, GT300 drivers and GT500 drivers throughout the day.

Stand Area

  1. Opening Ceremony – 9:00am start
  2. 50th Anniversary of the international motor racing success fan appreciation ceremony
  3. Various talks and stage events – Questions, quizzes, charity auction, a chat with the Gran Turismo 5 developers, a chat with the Nismo drivers
  4. Pit Lane work exhibition – You might get a chance to try changing tires on a GT500 race car.
  5. Test Drive corner – Take a test drive of Nissan’s latest models.
  6. Gran Turismo 5 Driving Simulators
  7. KYOSYO Radio Control Hobby Corner
  8. Loads of things to keep the kids entertained.
  9. Nissan / NISMO Collection Shop Onsite – Buy all that GT-R related merchandise you can’t get outside of Japan!
  10. Nissan / NISMO Model Car Shop Onsite – Same for all those GT-R models that are hard to get.
  11. Garage Sale Corner – Pick up a souvenir from a race team here. Some race car parts used in this seasons race go on sale. Gotta be quick to pickup good stuff here as it goes very quickly! Everything from brakes to carbon panels.
  12. Nismo Shop – Checkout the Nismo upgrades available for your Nissan.

Link: Nismo Festival 2008 Home Page