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Nismo Development Background – Interview with Okamura-san – Part 2

October 10, 2008

The Nismo Club Sports Package was developed in the goal of durability in mind. The price tag however calls forth the question, what is the deal with these parts? GTR-World.net talked to Junpei Okamura-san, head of Nismo development on this matter. This is the second part of the interview.

Exhaust and Rear Diffuser

The first goal in developing the mufflers was shedding weight. Titanium was therefore chosen as the primary material to use to meet these goals. The GT-R’s air/fuel ratio is quite lean so the exhaust temp is kept very high in the region of 800 – 900˚C so titanium’s high heat resistance qualities are desirable. Additionally titanium cooling fins are welded in sections designed to take full advantage of any airflow to quickly remove heat from the underbody area. Coupled with these cooling fins are NACA ducts built into the carbon rear diffuser.

Source: GTR-World.net – Nismo, Okamura-san Interview
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Of course backing this exhaust is Nismo’s guarantee of durability. Tested under extreme conditions at the Tokachi 24hrs endurance race you can be quite sure the exhaust will meet your expectations of quality.


Jointly developed with Recaro, each carbon fibre seat shell weights just 6kg. Much circuit testing was completed and rigidity and stiffness of the standard Recaro carbon seats was upgraded for the Nismo items. The Nismo seat shoulders and sides resemble a full race bucket seat while the soft leather and reclining mechanism add a touch of luxury and comfort.

Warranty and Guarantee

Finally, Nismo guarantee the quality and durability of each and every part and claim an exceptionally low tolerance for errors during their quality assurance process. Parts are tested to the utmost limits and are finished to a exceptional standard.

The Nismo Club Sport Package is expensive yes, what you get for that is quality products, guaranteed. You also get to keep your new car warranty. Risks or peace of mind? It’s the owners choice.


Junpei Okamura is the General Manager for the User Support and Planning department at Nismo. He joined the company in 1989 working on engine development for overseas rally cars (Paris-Dakar), super endurance cars and JGTC GT300. In 2000 he took over development of tuning parts from the engine tuning menu to the chassis parts business to the complete cars. In January this year he moved to his current role where he worked on development of the Nismo Club Sport Package.

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