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Nextech CARMAN SCAN: Nissan GT-R OBD-II Diagnostic Computer

June 25, 2008

From what I can tell this is interesting news for a lot of guys outside Japan who took a risk and grey imported their Nissan R35 GT-R’s only to have annoying warning lamps on whenever they do something relatively normal like change a tire. Without a Nissan dealer to back you and Consult III extremely out-of-reach this may make your day.

Nextech have released an updated Carman Scan Lite enabled for Nissan R35 GT-R. This versatile tool is OBD-II compliant with the ability to read and reset diagnostic/error codes on supported cars.

This is great because it now means you don’t have to visit the dealership every time your battery runs flat because the bonnet warning light wont go off or the TPMS warning won’t let up. The downside is the unit costs close to $4,000 USD… Fortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg and shortly other, more reasonably priced units will popup on the market given time to develop them.

Source: GTR-World.net

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