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NEEZ EI8GHT Eurocross-R Wheels Debut

January 15, 2009

Wheel maker Neez has recently released a new wheel aimed at the Nissan GT-R market called the EI8HT Eurocross-R. The mesh design wheel comes in 20 x 10J +46mm offset front and 20 x 11J +31mm offset rear with an optional GT-R badged center cap.

Neez wheels are cold forged for exceptional strength giving them the opportunity to make them quite lightweight as well.

Price on these is 200,500 yen per front wheel and 205,500 yen per rear wheel for a total price of 812,000 yen plus tax all up and are available right now through Neez wheels dealers.

These wheels recently featured on the Abflug Nissan GT-R at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009.

Link: Neez US Authorised Distributor – GTMotoring
Source: R35 GT-R Club Japan and GTR-World.net

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