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Motor Trend: Godzilla Gone Nuclear

March 28, 2009


In another first drive article (was an NDA lifted today?) Motor Trend have gone for a slightly more creative title. Too bad about the rest of the article though. Everyone else went to Tochigi but Motor Trend went to Sendai? I must be slacking off my advanced geography studies…

Without photos in the article to say either way I guess it matters not. The article itself is worthy of quoting for the one closing remark:

As we left the track, Mizuno hinted that the least his new charger would do is to better the Corvette ZR1’s 7-min/26-sec lap. “That’s not hard,” he said. “Be ready for a quick time.” We are Mizuno-san, you betcha.

Interesting times right around the corner…

Link: Motor Trend: First Drive: Nissan GT-R SpecV