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Motor Trend: 2009 GT-R Not Slow…

November 25, 2008

So the rumour is, from Nissan, that launch control will be gone come next year’s Nissan GT-R. So this means the GT-R should take a hit on it’s 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile times right? It’s slow now right?

Well Motor Trend say nope and we agree. In tests they’ve performed themselves with a GT-R they’ve managed to still achieve 3.9seconds to 60 mph, they also managed a 12.2 sec. In the hands of private owners we’ve seen as fast as 11.67 down the quarter mile stock without launch control.

It also pays to remember that the GT-R has never been about driving in a straight line. To compare it on that level is missing the point of an entire world of going fast around a circuit that is the core essence of Godzilla.

A good, common sense article, linked below.

Link: Motor Trend – So, Just How Slow is a Nissan GT-R Without Launch Control Engaged?

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