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More Updates: Series II GT-R Brakes, Suspension Change Details

December 10, 2008

Well by now everyone knows that the Nissan GT-R Series II for MY09 is ready for production and that one of the minor updates was to re-brand the Brembo brake callipers with the Nissan logo. We have now also seen a few photos from Nissan of the updated GT-R but no great close ups on the brakes. What we were wondering was, what’s that red smudge?

Well turns out Nissan didn’t completely do away with the Brembo branded brakes and has actually co-branded them. We received further details of the new layout which features one large Nissan logo in black sits over a smaller Brembo logo in red.

We have also received further details on the shock absorber and bushing changes made with the series II Nissan GT-R. The suspension valving has been significantly overhauled with improved parts, improved strength and better seals. Overall driving stability and response is improved.

Going hand in hand with the valve changes is a change to the bushes in the front lower control arm. Stiffness of these bushes has been increased. This again will add to the steering response and steering feel lending itself to more feedback on the road.

Source: Nissan
Image: Brake caliper image adapted from Nissan by GTRBlog.com

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