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More Real World US GT-R Track Impressions With Video

August 23, 2008

Scott from NAGTROC has again spent some with his new GT-R on the track, this time to an event at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). This event used a tight 12 turn 1.53 mile track configuration suited to light cars really. The bumpy track is actually built into the infield of a Nascar oval with the main straight part of the oval course.

Scott managed a bit of video and has posted that up as well but overall, after some friendly back and forth with a modified Corvette Z06 racking up several hours of track time the overall impressions are that in the real world, he GT-R is a great track car despite.

The conclusion is the [GT-R and Z06] are evenly matched. The GTR is not the modern day Delorian like the ‘vette guys seem to be hoping. After a day of 5 hours of track time I drove home, brakes fine, minimal 2mm of bad wear. Rotors were fine, tranny needs a flush (my choice) and another oil change (my choice) but that is it.

Link: NAGTROC – Track Report 2 Thread

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