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Mine’s Titanium Suction Pipe Kit for Nissan GT-R

October 6, 2009


Just when you were beginning to think you’d upgraded all your intake piping, Mine’s have again shown us there’s more to it. The Mine’s Titanium Suction Pipe Kit features a pair of direct fit replacement compressor intake pipes that are as beautiful to look at as they are functional.

Line the Mine’s intake up next to the original Nissan part and you can quickly see the difference. The restrictive cast factory item is not as co-operative as it could be at high boost pressure – the result – sucky throttle response. The Mine’s items on the other hand are wide open (45mm vs. 60mm) reducing intake airflow resistance and thus increasing throttle response and horsepower. Performance gains of around 20 – 30hp are claimed.

Manufacturing quality is as per usual, top shelf. Mine’s round slice and weld each titanium section to ensure each pipe is perfectly circular right the way through. Each weld is then extensively cleaned to perfection.

The kit comes with all the hardware you need to fit including the Titanium Suction Pipes, SAMCO silicone hoses and hose clamps. The price is set at 128,000 yen, hit up your Mine’s distributor for more information and combine with Mine’s Intercooler Piping set for even better effect.

Link: Mine’s R35 GT-R Website (English)