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Mine’s Super Outlet Pipes and Intake Support Clamps Released

July 13, 2009


Coinciding with the release of the Mine’s Carbon Bonnet and the Mine’s Carbon Trunk Lids are two more, less flashy but still interesting upgrades added to the catalog at the same time.

First up is an easy one to explain, Mine’s Super Outlet Pro II are turbo dump pipes minus a catalytic converter. Manufactured from stainless steel, they’re 80mm in diameter and welded and finished perfectly as you would expect for a Mine’s product. Price is 138,600 yen in Japan.

Next up may we have something that may baffle some of you to begin with, but knowing Mine’s reputation there’s surely some solid research and reasoning behind it. These aluminum clamps are designed to essentially give your factory rubber intake hoses the same resilience to expansion as a full hard pipe kit would. The cylinders fit over the centers of your intake hoses while the clamps replace certain factory clamps to ensure the hose doesn’t loosen off or pop off under high boost. Interesting solution for those not big fans of polished or titanium hard pipe kits. Check the photos in the gallery of a set fitted. Price is 48,300 yen in Japan.

Link: Mine’s GT-R Catalog Website