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Mine’s Meeting Event 2010: Come Visit Mine’s in Japan – January 15th – 18th

December 18, 2009

Mine's R35 Demo Car at Sodagaura Circuit

As you probably know, Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 is right around the corner so if you’re attending this one it’s time to start planning your trip. We’re happy to announce on behalf of Mine’s that, around the same time, they will be holding a open shop Mine’s Meeting event where visitors from all over the world are welcome to come and check out the latest in Mine’s developments.

The event will be held at their Yokosuka workshop just about an hour out of Tokyo on the train.

Come along and check out as yet unreleased GT-R products in the flesh such as the Mine’s Dry Carbon Front Bumper and the exciting new Mine’s Complete Engine.

Ordinarily, visiting such a legendary a tuning shop around Tokyo AutoSalon time is difficult at best. Workshops are working overtime to finish cars for the show and dont have time to entertain guests. Mine’s are making special arrangements for visitors at this time as they will unfortunately not be holding a booth at TAS this year.

Still, that’s all the more reason to plan a side trip to the Mine’s workshop to checkout their R35 and previous generation GT-Rs. If you’re a Mine’s distributor, customer, or fan, you’re invited so book it in!

Speaking of Mine’s parts, check out these sneak peak photos of the Mine’s Complete Engine at it’s shakedown testing at Sodegaura Circuit in Chiba taken yesterday. Love the look but can’t wait to hear it in the flesh in January…

Link: Mine’s R35 GT-R Website (English)
Map: Mine’s Shop, Yokosuka, Google Map

Mine's Complete Engine Shakedown

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