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Mine’s Dry Carbon Doors and Bonnet Type II For Nissan GT-R

November 13, 2009


Mine’s continue to expand their already impressive lineup of dry carbon products this week with the announcement of their anticipated full carbon door replacement for the GT-R.

Each door is specifically designed as a direct but lightweight replacement for the factory item and shaves off 6.4kg per side. This brings the weight of each door down to an amazing 3.2kg (7lbs). While the weight comes down the strength, fitment and quality does not as these are manufactured from a dry carbon honeycomb material for ultimate durability. The doors are available from Mine’s dealers now with a pricetag of 590,000 yen.


Also new from Mine’s is the Carbon Bonnet Type II for Nissan R35 GT-R. This original style hood replacement integrates a simple set of NACA ducts to funnel cool air to the tubochargers. Unique to the Mine’s Carbon Bonnet Type II, towards the rear corners of the hood, are air vents to allow hot engine bay air to circulate out keeping under hood air temps down. The hood is also fitted with a drainage point to allow rain water a way out.

The hood is not just extremely functional, it’s also lighter than the standard item as it weighs just 5.2kg (11.4 lbs). That represents a huge 6.9kg weight saving. While the hood is a perfect fit on any GT-R, Mine’s do recommend you use hood pins to prevent any issues at high speed.

It’s available with a Super Clear finish that will protect the hood for 640,000 yen. It’s also available without the clear coating if the customer intends to paint the hood themselves for a price of 570,000 yen.

Link: Mine’s R35 GT-R Website (English)