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Mine’s Carbon Fibre Range for Nissan GT-R Extended

July 11, 2009


Mine’s debuted their first version Nissan GT-R trunk and hood at Tokyo AutoSalon in January 2009 as part of the special Mines Spec-X 6.0 prototype, but since then further work has been done on both to produce these final products.

First up is the new Mine’s Carbon Bonnet – this OEM style hood has a few unique features. for one, it’s extremely light at just 5.2 kilograms. This is about a 57% saving over the standard item which was already quite lightweight. In making it light, Mine’s chose not to sacrifice rigidity and on the underside it is reinforced similar to the OE version. Secondly, the intake ducts have been redesigned and as you can see these original design intake ducts are much more integrated into the hood over the standard versions.

This hood is available with (651,000 yen) or without (577,500 yen) Mine’s Super Clear Coat protection at your local Mine’s dealers.


Next up is the new Mine’s Carbon Trunk Type I and Type II. You probably may think you’ve seen this before and that may be the case with the OE replacement Type I trunk lid. Take a closer look at the Type-II lid and you can see how Mine’s have integrated the lower spoiler mounts.

This results in cleaner airflow under the rear spoiler and subsequently lower drag and higher downforce at the rear. Best used with the Mine’s Complete Rear Spoiler which also deletes the center pillar.

The trunk lids are also exceptionally lightweight, saving 68% (4.5kg reduction) for Type I and 62% (4.1kg reduction) on the Type-II item. Price wise you’re looking at 399,000/462,000 yen for the Type-I with/without Super Clear Coat respectively. The Type-II is a little more at 451,500/514,500 yen with/without the Super Clear Coat.

Sweet, sweet carbon – you know you need these.