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Mine’s Spec-X 6.0 GT-R Testing at Tsukuba Circuit

February 1, 2009

Mine’s have been at Tsukuba before with their GT-R and with the VX-ROM, suspension, brakes and aero tweaks they easily dipped into the 59 second laptimes. That was a while back now. Mine’s have made a lot of changes to what is now known as the Mine’s Spec-X 6.0. We got to see the Spec-X 6.0 at Tokyo AutoSalon this year and even just from outside you can see it’s leaner and meaner.

Power for the Spec-X 6.0 is up with the new Mine’s ECU, the VX-ROM Type-X, to 600ps. To get there, upgraded wastegate actuators, an electronic boost controller (HKS EVC5), NGK racing plugs and a completely new ECU tune is included.

The Spec-X 6.0 also comes with a few exhaust changes over the past iterations of the Mine’s GT-R. Mine’s Super Outlet PRO II cat-less turbine outlet pipes are installed with Mine’s cat-less Straight Pipe II.

Other changes are the new Mine’s dry carbon fibre parts including the dry carbon hood, trunk lid, side skirts, new ducted front underspoiler, rear underspoiler and rear wing. These parts are both lightweight and functional. Check out the links below for more info on the carbon parts.

At Tsukuba this weekend Mine’s were out with driver Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada tuning the setup of the Spec-X’s Mine’s Suspension. It did not run a timed lap this weekend but the regular Mine’s GT-R was clocking low 59’s with a best lap of 59.244 seconds on a cold track. The Spec-X 6.0 should be good for 58s in the very near future.

Click the read more link below to see a couple more photos from this weekend but we’ve also update the photo gallery on our Mine’s Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 article.

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