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Mine’s GT-R Lands in the USA

April 14, 2008

The Mine’s demo car has landed in the USA now, after touring Hong Kong, initially as part of the filming for the upcoming “The Fast and The Furious” sequel. These photos were taken by Eric Hsu from JDM Insider blog at the M-Workz workshop. Eric postulates that Mine’s might be interested in breaking into the US market which is of accurate.

Mine’s and other Japanese tuners are certainly not blind to the enormous market opening up to them in the US but will face strong competitors from domestic tuners and fabricators who are often priced cheaper than their Japanese counterparts. Will this force prices of Japanese parts in the US to be lower than in their home country? Time will tell but initially it is most likely not to happen and they will continue to come with the mystique of the “overnight parts from Japan” and have a price tag to match.

Source: Eric @ JDM Insider

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