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Mine’s Carbon Front Underspoiler: Up Close

May 24, 2008

With the release of the Nissan GT-R the Japanese tuner community has released a great number of tuning and aero products. Mine’s was on the cutting edge of product releases following the GT-R’s launch in December last year launching a strong range of products early. Being on the cutting edge comes with a price however and many criticized the benefits of the parts at such high prices. Irrespective of this those who have dealt with Mine’s in the past know that the quality of the products they produce is top class.

Today we have an upclose look at the differences between the standard lip and the Mine’s dry carbon lip. The Mine’s lip weighs in at 2.12kg and will set you back about $3,800 USD. Better not crack it on the driveway eh?

More hi-res photos after the jump.

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