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Midori Seibi Center – R35 Parts Development

June 10, 2008

Midori with the assistance of Michael Krumm (Nismo #22 Motul Autech GT500 GT-R driver) have been developing parts for the Nissan R35 GT-R for release shortly. On the cards is a suspension kit using Aragosta dampers as well as another kit using Force dampers sourced from the UK. The Force kit is a 3-way adjustable (bound, rebound and height) coilover kit and has been tested good for a 1’54” lap around Fuji SpeedWay (driver Yasushi Kikuti) on a fairly bad day weather wise.

Midori also have an ECU modification planned including raising the rev limit, removing the speed limiter and increasing boost. Fuel and ignition maps are also modified to increase response. Interesting that Midori also note that their ECU modification will remote any dash warning lights such as the tire or bonnet warning lights as some GT-R owners (especially overseas) have had trouble with. They’re asking 135,000 yen for the ECU upgrade or 231,000 yen for a race spec tune on their Dynapack dyno.

To come soon are Alcon brakes, and titanium mufflers.

Source: Ben from GTC-R over @ GTROC UK Forums