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JSpecConnect.com R35 GT-R Dyno vs. M3

March 12, 2008

M-WorkzJSpecConnect.com have had their black R35 GT-R on a Dynapack dyno at Road///Race Engineering (RRE) in Santa Fe Springs, CA recently for a power run. The full story will be out on Edmunds Inside Line soon but Mike from RRE has published dyno charts for the power run on the SoCalEvo forums as well as comparison charts against an E92 BMW M3 and a GT35 equipped Evo.

The GT-R made 460hp and 456lbft of torque at the wheels on the Dynapack dyno and according to another post on the forums about 426hp at the wheels on a Mustang dyno.


Source: SoCalEvo Forums via 2009gtr.com

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