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Kimbo – The 2,000hp 6 Second GT-R from The Shop Houston

July 10, 2021
Kimbo, photo by 1320video

Photo by 1320video

There is no easy pathway to running a 6 second quarter mile, a lesson hard learned by Houston, Texas performance automotive house, The Shop Houston. Yet in June 2021 that’s exactly what this 2000hp, 4.1 liter, billet stroker crank running a pair of just 68mm Boost Logic turbos GT-R achieved when it ran a 6.97s at 206mph quarter mile pass. This makes this car the fastest GT-R in the world running a 68mm turbocharger.

Tuned by Rob Tuned’s Rob Harper this most recent record comes after already holding the world record quarter mile pass with smaller 58mm turbo at 7.46s @ 190mph. It really is amazing what results we’re now seeing with the platform that has matured since I was in the scene last.

While this isn’t the outright world record quarter mile record pass, GT-Rs running faster passes then 6.97 are running in larger turbo size classes and are producing even more insane amounts of power.

Congratulations to all the folks involved in building and driving this car. Keeping it in one piece down the track looks like handful itself.

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