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KC Racing of Hong Kong’s KCR35 Challenger: 690hp Haltech Powered Nissan GT-R

September 16, 2009


Inspired by Nismo’s own GT500 spec racing cars in SuperGT, Hong Kong based KC racing have built their GT-R with the goal of taking it racing. The extreme looking GT-R is also a demo car for a range of locally made aero parts from Topmix International which we hadn’t seen until now.

So far they’ve just finish tuning the car and have taken it out to Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) just across the pond in China. That day they managed a 1:47.9 minute lap in the 40 degree heat with the boost lowered to around 1.2bar (vs. 1.37bar) due to the lack of great fuel. In this configuration it’s still good for 570ps.

This is one original looking GT-R. Interesting to see the Topmix front bar and just how much airflow it allows to the dual engine oil relocated intercoolers. This lets the primary radiator breath a lot better. Function over form for sure.

Link: KC Racing Website
Video: KCR35 at ZIC on Youtube

Engine Modifications

  • Haltech Platinum PRO R35 GT-R ECU
  • HKS Mushroom Air Filters
  • Custom Turbo Intake Piping
  • Custom blow off valves
  • Custom turbine outlet pipes

Click the Read More link below to see the full modifications list…

Cooling Modifications

  • Custom extended sump
  • Custom oil catch can
  • Custom cold air intake
  • Transmission oil cooler with pump
  • Dual rear mounted engine oil coolers
  • Dual engine oil cooler electric fans
  • 95℃ fan switch sensor


  • Ohlins 3-way adjustable coilovers
  • Custom adjustable front upper arms
  • SSR Type-C 19″ Wheels
  • Hoosier R6 Tyres


  • Topmix Carbon Fibre Aero Front and rear bumpers
  • Topmix Carbon Fibre Hood
  • Topmix Carbon Fibre Engine covers
  • Topmix Carbon Front Fenders
  • Topmix Carbon Doors
  • Topmix Carbon Roof
  • Topmix Carbon Front Lip and Rear Underspoilers
  • Topmix Carbon GT wing

Other Modifications

  • Recaro Pole Position Seats
  • Endless MX72 Brake Pads
  • Defi Link Meter Guages