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JUN Auto Custom Kit VR38DETT Engine Internals

May 25, 2009


Well we had a little tidbit of info back in March regarding this but now we’ve heard that pre-orders are being taken for the JUN VR38DETT engine internals and it will be known as the VR38DETT Custom Kit. The kit should contain:

  • Billet conrods
  • Billet pistons
  • Billet crank shaft
  • Upgraded cams

The first 10 prototype kits are expected for September 2009 delivery and will sell for 1,575,000 yen in Japan. Expressions of interest on the first 10 kits are being taken but not deposits yet.

Those keen should contact their local dealer of JUN parts like GT-RR or GTC who I thank for passing on this info.

Link: JUN Auto Website