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JRZ Suspension for Nissan GT-R Available Now

March 3, 2009

JRZ finished up development on a range of coilover suspension for the Nissan GT-R recently and it’s now available to buy through JRZ dealers. Forged Performance are the first dealer to get their hands on stock for the GT-R and they gave me a heads up on the details.

Designed for a range of applications from street to circuit, the Nissan GT-R suspension is made from the same technology used in 2009 24hrs of Daytona GT class winning suspension from JRZ.

Circuit tested and tuned for the GT-R by racing drivers as well as the JRZ engineering team, each set will come with custom spring rates depending on your intended application.

The JRZ Suspension is available in the following specs:

Here’s a rundown of some of the main features of the JRZ Nissan GT-R suspension sets:

  • Billet machined front and rear fork, lighter and stiffer
  • Right side up mounting for easy rebound adjustment
  • Piggyback or with remote canisters on hoses
  • Cable rebound adjuster extensions in the rear, adjust rebound with the stock interior installed.
  • Spherical bearing upper mounts
  • Improved high performance and circuit driving without sacrificing street driveability

A serious amount of R&D behind this suspension for the money really. For more information and for pricing, check out the Forged Performance website at the link below.

Link: JRZ Suspension Website
Link: Forged Performance Website

Update: GT-RR have let us know that they’re also a JRZ distributor in the US, you can browse their wares at this link.