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Jeremy Clarkson on the Nissan GT-R

June 8, 2008

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson has written a great article over at Times Online on his experience recently in Tokyo with a new Nissan GT-R. No doubt about it Clarkson writes articles that are great to read and doesn’t just go on about facts and figures or assault you with boring turns of phrase.

“This, then, is an extraordinary car, quite unlike anything I’ve driven before. You might expect it, with all its yaw sensors and its G readout on the dash, to feel like a laptop. Or you might expect, with all that heavy engineering, for it to feel like a road-going racer. But it is neither of these things. It certainly doesn’t feel like it could do a 7.29minute lap of the Ring. Even though I’ve seen a film of it doing just that.”

Definitely worth a read.

Link: Jeremy Clarkson: Nissan GT-R The problem is … it’s out of this world
Source: Times Online via R35 GT-R Blog @ 2009gtr.com

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