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Japanese 2010 GT-R Changes Not in the Press Release?

October 22, 2009


Some interesting changes we expected to see in the official press release didn’t seem to make it all the way to the English version. At this time we’re not sure as to why they weren’t translated outside of Japan and we hope to know more soon.

So far we’ve also collected the following details on items that could be in, or optional on, the 2010 GT-R but are not in the English press statement.

Upgraded Water Lines to Enhance Transmission Cooling

The engine coolant in the GT-R is used to enhance the rear mounted GR6 cooling. In 2010 JDM model, the water lines are upgraded to carry more coolant to the rear to lower the transmission temps overall.

Optional Nismo Multifunction Display Data Logging Kit

The GT-R’s Multi Function Display (MFD) is a big highlight of the GT-R’s interior giving drivers access to nearly every piece of data made available via the network of sensors throughout the car. The Nismo data log kit upgrade will give the users the ability to record this data to a USB pendrive for analysis later. Image above is a photoshop btw…

Optional Nismo Rear Diff Cooler

The Nismo Rear Diff Cooler is also rumoured be available as an option starting next year. This was first seen on the Tokachi 24hrs Nissan R35 GT-R developed by Nismo as a test platform for many of the Nissan GT-R SpecV parts.

What else did we miss out on? Well it appears the update front bumper we saw in spy shots is a no go, at least for the base model GT-R. The rear skirt ducts also seemed to go missing although we speculate that these will only be fitted to cars featuring the Nismo differential cooler?

More as it is dug up, confirmed or ruled out by Nissan…


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