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January 2009 – GT-R Magazines and DVDs Update

January 20, 2009

It’s already late January 2009, can you believe it, and a bunch of magazines and DVDs have already been published this year which may interest GT-R fans across the world. Of course I’m talking about the kind you can’t get down the local book store outside Japan so keep reading if that interests you.

You can order all these online at Amazon.co.jp and I’ve written a little page on how to do that if you haven’t done it before which is linked below.

So far this year we’ve got:

All which have some R35 GT-R content, some better than others. The Video Option and Best Motoring DVDs this year have been particularly good for GT-R fans. Like we said above you can order these online through Amazon Japan and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

Follow the jump to watch the preview videos or click these links to do the same:

Preview: Video Option 178 Preview Video
Preview: Best Motoring 01/09 Preview Video
Preview: Best Motoring 02/09 Preview Video

Link: Amazon Japan: GT-R Mags and DVDs Direct Link
Link: How-To: Buy Magazines, Books and DVDs on Amazon Japan (in English)!

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