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It’s Road Trip Japan Time

April 29, 2008

Pack your bags and get your airfares sorted it time for a road trip across Japan in your (rented) Nissan GT-R. Yes you read right, you can now rent a new Nissan GT-R in Japan to see what all the fuss is about.

Check out this photo… Looks like Koei Rent-A-Car are putting in a little track time before they hand over the keys to customers. Why not!?

As for pricing, Koei weren’t immediately responding to inquiries on this but we’ll let you know soon.

Update: We have spoken to Koei this morning. Pricing is 60,000 yen for 24hrs plus mileage and is available to members only. Not sure what that last part is but I’m a member of Blockbuster if that helps.

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