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Infiniti PM Based Sedan Shelved – Now’s Not the Time?

August 14, 2008

Time for some hot news on the Infiniti sedan project. Firstly, yes it was really a project that Nissan were toying with. Personally I would have LOVED to see an Infiniti sedan with a VR38DETT packed full of luxuries built upon the GT-R’s respect demanding Premium-Midship platform.

Sadly though, sources close to Nissan have now confirmed the project has been stopped indefinitely. Now that does not mean it is never to happen but just not right now.

Why? It’s only speculation but this news coincides with the recent 1st quarter FY2008 financial results announced by Nissan. Operating profit down 46.1% saw stock price fall 6% and touch a 5 year low. This result was blamed on the strong Japanese Yen and a US sales decline.

Hopefully with any luck the project will be back on the cards in the near future after things pick up a little.

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