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TAS09: Garage Yawata Street Special GT-R

January 19, 2009 Comments off

It doesn’t come much more understated than the Garage Yawata GT-R with it’s barely noticeable external modifications. On the inside lurks quite a bit of power, 650ps to be precise.

Making that power is a LOUD full titanium variable sound exhaust system controlled by throttle linked bypass valve. The OEM ECU is tuned by Garage Yawata and the 100ps shot of nitrous doesn’t hurt either.

Garage Yawata recently finished second in the top speed challenge in Video Option DVD issue 178 published recently. Their top speed was 324km/h (200mph).

Link: Garage Yawata Website
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Garage Yawata Street Special Dual Sound Exhaust

January 3, 2009 Comments off

Garage Yawata have been hard at work on their new exhaust innovation which is now on sale. It’s another take on the Dual Sound Exhaust concept but without the need for a remote control unit.

Sound is controlled with the throttle input so around town the full titanium exhaust is quite docile but when the right foot is exercised the sound ramps up in unison.

The exhaust is good to support the 650ps the Yawata Street Special GT-R is making and has been tested on their GT-R up to 324.6km/h!

For a full demonstration of how it works watch the video below and check out their top speed run after the jump.

The exhaust is available now for 490,000 yen.

Link: Garage Yawata Home Page

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Garage Yawata Street Special R35 GT-R

May 11, 2008 Comments off

Tuning shop Garage Yawata are a well established tuning shop in Aichi, Japan. These guys have had their white Nissan GT-R for a while now and so far they have cracked the ECU and are offering speed delimiting to their customers at around the 130,000 yen mark. Tuning of the standard ECU is currently in development.

Garage Yawata are featured in Option magazine this June regarding their top speed runs in this car and it so far they’ve managed 309.3 km/h (GPS measured) in their almost standard delimited GT-R.

Over 300km/h the car is said to still be relatively quiet inside and to track quite well. It’s a little scary but it’s not going to stop them trying to go faster. Next steps are to figure out the tuning side on the standard ECU and shoot for 320km/h! Good luck guys.

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GT-R Customised Street Event with Option Magazine

August 1, 2008 Comments off

Suzuka Circuit (Mobility Land) in cooperation with Option magazine are holding the R35 GT-R Customised Street event at Suzuka Circuit over August 23rd and August 24th. This co-incides with round 6 of the 2008 SuperGT series, the 37th annual POKKA 1000km race at Suzuka so the turnout will be huge.

R35 GT-Rs from every top Japanese tuner will be out on display at Grand Prix Square just outside the circuit. There will also be a demo lap on the track.

Tuners featured will be, Zele International, Autech Tsukada, Garage Yawata, Garage Defend, Esprit, HKS Kansai, Original Runduce, Sunline Racing, Concept, Blitz, Garage Sauras, Midori Seibei Center, Garage Active and MCR! One word for this, woah. It’s probably the biggest GT-R event since TAS in January with more GT-Rs.

Link: MobilityLand GT-R Custom Street Event

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