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Tokyo AutoSalon 2010: Midori, Hashimoto, Power Enterprise and Others

February 5, 2010 Comments off

Time for a combined post wrapping up the rest of my strictly GT-R related photos from Friday morning the first day of TAS2010. Take a peek as we browse the halls to snap up some interesting tidbits.

First up is Midori Seibi Center’s nice looking GT-R with their new Silent Power NR exhaust fitted up. They also had some extremely hot Rays Volk G2 wheels in the formula silver fitted outside some tasty Alcon rotors.

Speaking of Alcon, we took a look up close at their caliper upgrades for Nissan GT-R and they look damn serious. Alcon make brakes for everything from street cars to F1 cars and lots inbetween. Next to the GT-R brakes was a caliper from a SuperGT car. It was crazy lightweight due to it’s construction but not really in the same league as the F1 caliper next to that. Constructed from goldGold anodized, it was lighter again.

On the topic of motorsports, over at the Nissan booth they had parked the 2008 SuperGT Championship winning GT500 class Nismo GT-R for a pitwork demo. They performed a tire change while various parts of the car were pulled off so that the presenter could lift them up in front of everyone. I guess those tires don’t weigh much after all.

Power Enterprise had their Four Charger VR38 out on display as well, this year they’ve also got a turbo upgrade for GT-R available. It’s pretty impressive to see this engine in all it’s quad charged glory out of the car. So much work went into this, I really wonder about the results though as we’ve not heard much about it in the last 12 months since it’s debut.

The Hashimoto GT-R was there as well showing off it’s Lamborghini Style Doors. Not such a fan myself but was quite interested to check out their Schmieden front lip spoiler to see how functional it was. Unfortunately it’s all show as there are no brake ducts. Can’t fault the looks though it is attractive. The BBS LM-R wheels look good in the flesh except that the centers feel a little on the small side.

Finally, we end with a few non-R35 GT-Rs that stood out. First up is the ER34 sedan with an R35 look rear end. The rear bar has been moulded to allow for the R35 exhaust to be fitted and give a similar looking center grill section. Really though, if you’re going to modify your R34 GT-T you need to go all out like Final Konnexion did. This wide body kit for the ER34 coupe is wild and actually amazing in fit and finish. Check it out in the gallery below!

Images: Copyright (C) 2010

Midori Silent High Power NR Titanium Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

December 27, 2009 Comments off

Well 2010 is about upon us so it’s time to roll out new noise regulations across Japan. The first aftermarket titanium exhaust we’ve seen that’s certified to the new standard is the Midori Silent High Power NR Titanium system proving it’s not all bad news for GT-R owners over there.

The Midori exhaust system is a mid-pipe back system that offers improved exhaust flow efficiency while keeping the loudness in check. In fact at full throttle it’s just 0.6db louder than a standard exhaust. At idle howerver it sounds more grumbly and bassy which at lot of us will appreciate and seek in an aftermarket exhaust.

Due to use of lightweight materials, the muffler section weighs in at just 8.65kg, a saving of 1.2kg over the standard OEM item.

Link: Midori Seibei Center Website

Midori Seibi Center: Nissan GT-R Exhaust Released

September 22, 2008 Comments off

Midori Seibi Center has now released their R35 SUS Muffler for the Nissan GT-R. Made from high grade stainless steel this exhaust provides a significant lower weight than the standard items while improving the exhaust note. The simple design keeps exhaust flow at optimal levels.

Available for order from Midori Seibi Center dealers now, price is 262,500 yen plus shipping from Japan.

Pricing is now also available for the Midori Spec FORCE and Aragosta 3 way adjustable suspension kits for R35 GT-R. The FORCE Shocks come in at 819,000 yen plus shipping while the Aragosta kit is slightly less expensive at 735,000 yen.

Both these kits have damper, rebound and height adjustment and come pre setup.

Link: Midori Seibi Home Page

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Midori Seibi Center – R35 Parts Development

June 10, 2008 Comments off

Midori with the assistance of Michael Krumm (Nismo #22 Motul Autech GT500 GT-R driver) have been developing parts for the Nissan R35 GT-R for release shortly. On the cards is a suspension kit using Aragosta dampers as well as another kit using Force dampers sourced from the UK. The Force kit is a 3-way adjustable (bound, rebound and height) coilover kit and has been tested good for a 1’54” lap around Fuji SpeedWay (driver Yasushi Kikuti) on a fairly bad day weather wise.

Midori also have an ECU modification planned including raising the rev limit, removing the speed limiter and increasing boost. Fuel and ignition maps are also modified to increase response. Interesting that Midori also note that their ECU modification will remote any dash warning lights such as the tire or bonnet warning lights as some GT-R owners (especially overseas) have had trouble with. They’re asking 135,000 yen for the ECU upgrade or 231,000 yen for a race spec tune on their Dynapack dyno.

To come soon are Alcon brakes, and titanium mufflers.

Source: Ben from GTC-R over @ GTROC UK Forums

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Okada Project Plasma Direct Coils for Nissan R35 GT-R

April 18, 2009 Comments off


Okada Projects (OKD) has launched their Plasma Direct coil upgrades for the VR38DETT this week. The direct fit upgrade coil pack provides stronger spark under a wider range of conditions versus the OE coils. They should be the first stop for an upgrade for those noticing ignition issues under high boost. The Plasma Direct technology offers a 4x spark strength increase which should net you a gain in power and torque across the rev range, especially, again, for cars running more boost than standard.

OKD has been supplying coil packs to some serious competitive racing teams in Japan for some time, big names like M-Speed’s time attack R34 GT-R, Midori Seibi Center’s time attack R34 GT-R and Garage Saurus’ drag and time attack R32 GT-Rs.

These retail for around 155,000 yen in Japan but you can pick them up for just $1,395 from you local GT-R parts dealer, GT-RR.

Link: Okada Projects Website
Link: Okada Projects Plasma Direct Ignition Coils @

R35 GT-Ring – Japanese Tuner Magazine: Review

November 16, 2008 Comments off

It’s time for a GT-R related magazine / book (or mook for short) review since I haven’t done one in a while. Today’s subject is the R35 GT-Ring magazine from News Publishing Co of Japan. The mook format is great and gives the book a big glossy magazine feel which ideally suits the content.

The focus of this mook is the Japanese Tuner scene that has sprung up around the Nissan GT-R since and even before it’s launch in December 2007 as well as Nismo’s Tokachi 24hrs entrant.

There’s features on many of the big name tuners our readers will be familiar with such as Mine’s, Zele, Power House Amuse, MCR, Midori Seibi Center, HKS Kansai and Top Secret. There’s also some features on parts manufacturers such as Blitz, Endless and Yokohama.

While much of the text is in Japanese, don’t let this turn you off, the book is filled with some 139 pages of the best photography to come out of the Japanese tuner scene so far and makes the perfect coffee table book.

I give this one 4/5 and put it in the must have category for GT-R owners and fans.

Name: R35 GT-Ring – Japanese Tuner
Publisher: News Publishing Co Ltd
Price: 1,500 yen or about $15 plus shipping
Size: 139 pages
Order From: Hobby Link Japan (English)

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Hot Version Volume 94 Released

October 7, 2008 Comments off

Hot Version 94 is officially released today and should start appearing in bookstores and online soon. This edition promises to be a huge one featuring R35 GT-R famous tuner battles.

First up is a pure sports tuning challenge which sees the MCR R35 GT-R face off against the Super Autobacs Kobe FD3S and the Spoon NSX-R at the Maze Circuit.

Next we have a tuned R35 challenge at Ebisu Circuit with Mine’s, MCR, Zele International and Midori Seibi Center facing off time attack style.

Third – we see the MCR tuned 600hp R34 GT-R face off against the newcomer MCR R35 GT-R at Tsukuba. Kobayashi-san from MCR in the 34 and Keiichi Tsuchiya in the 35.

All this and more, check out the preview video above and stay tuned – we’ll let you know when you can pickup a copy of this video online.

Link: Hot Version Home Page
Link: Buy Hot Version Past DVDs Online
Link: How To Buy Online in English from

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August 20, 2008 Comments off

Our old friend Ben Linney from GTC has just released the much anticipated news release for his new online superstore for Nissan GT-R enthusiasts and owners. Opening up at a URL synonymous with success for many Nissans and GT-Rs throughout the years,, the website is ready to serve European owners and others worldwide. GTC has already been serving customer after customer as far away as Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia and now it’s even easier to deal with them.

Ben has had the privilege to be the first owner of a Nissan R35 GT-R in the UK and as such has already been featured on GTRBlog many times as well as in other media such as Fifth Gear, and Car Magazine. Since then Ben has modified his GT-R significantly choosing the best Japan and the US’s tuning houses have to offer.

Check out the full press release after the jump.


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GT-R Customised Street Event with Option Magazine

August 1, 2008 Comments off

Suzuka Circuit (Mobility Land) in cooperation with Option magazine are holding the R35 GT-R Customised Street event at Suzuka Circuit over August 23rd and August 24th. This co-incides with round 6 of the 2008 SuperGT series, the 37th annual POKKA 1000km race at Suzuka so the turnout will be huge.

R35 GT-Rs from every top Japanese tuner will be out on display at Grand Prix Square just outside the circuit. There will also be a demo lap on the track.

Tuners featured will be, Zele International, Autech Tsukada, Garage Yawata, Garage Defend, Esprit, HKS Kansai, Original Runduce, Sunline Racing, Concept, Blitz, Garage Sauras, Midori Seibei Center, Garage Active and MCR! One word for this, woah. It’s probably the biggest GT-R event since TAS in January with more GT-Rs.

Link: MobilityLand GT-R Custom Street Event

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R35 GT-R: Tune+Ing Magazine – Debut Issue This August

July 29, 2008 Comments off

An exciting new magazine has been secretly photographing and testing with Japan’s top tuners lately right under our noses. Mistaken for Option Magazine photo shoots earlier in the month I have been digging up what I can find bit by bit.

The good news is it’s a completely new magazine, so we haven’t missed something obvious. Called “R35 GT-R: Tune+Ing” the inaugural issue is due to hit book stores in Japan around the 26th of August.

In this first issue we should get to find out the results of the shootout between Mine’s, MCR, Midori Seibi, HKS Technical Factory, Zele International and Power House Amuse. Yes – it’s huge! has a sneak preview of some of the scenes behind the upcoming magazine as we tag along with Zele International to the photo shoots (well in spirit anyway!). Click through the jump for the photos!

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