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Daikoku PA R35 GT-R Club Meet – February 2009

February 9, 2009 Comments off

The R35 GT-R Club (Japan) meetings got off to a good start for 2009 this weekend with a few special guests in attendance. To start off with it was a great day with 60+ R35s in attendance making it the biggest gathering yet at Daikoku Futo Parking Area.

Highlight of the day was R35 GT-R Club President, Ado-san, was able to show off his new Ultimate Black Opal Nissan GT-R SpecV. The first recipient of the new SpecV he also took it out to Mine’s recently to show Mine’s President Michizo Niikura-san.

Speaking of Mine’s they also brought their new Spec-X 6.0 GT-R out to the meet. Other attendees include Arios who we were just talking about the other day.

Photos: ONKYO via Minkara

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Photo Gallery: Daikoku R35 GT-R Club Meet Up Close

July 30, 2008 Comments off

Well as we reported the other day, the biggest monthly meetup of Japan’s R35 GT-R Club was held on Sunday 27th July and 40 GT-Rs turned up. Some people are sporting some minor modifications on their GT-Rs already and we now have a bunch of photos of those guys up close.

Click through the jump to see the rest of the photo gallery from Daikoku parking area.

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July Nissan R35 GT-R Club Daikoku Meet

July 27, 2008 Comments off

In this newest of traditions the R35 GT-R meet at Daikoku was held today. The first such meet to have been blessed with dry weather. About 40 GT-Rs attended today’s meet which makes it the biggest meet up yet.

For those new to this, Daikoku Futo Parking Area (PA) is an extremely popular meetup place for car nuts on the freeway between Tokyo and Yokohama about 40minutes drive from the heart of Tokyo. Every month for the last three months R35 GT-R club members have met up here to socialise and check out each other’s rides.

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June Daikoku PA Nissan R35 GT-R Club Meet

June 22, 2008 Comments off

These Daikoku PA meets for R35 GT-R owners and club members are becoming a regular thing after the first one back in May. This time a similar great turn out was seen when 33 R35 GT-Rs showed up despite the rain.

The meet started earlier than last month, and thankfully so as a lot more photos were able to be taken. We’ll try and get some more hi-res shots of the more interesting cars.

I think I might just have to make time to get along to the next one of these. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump…

Photos: R35 GT-R Club (Japan)

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Last Night’s Daikoku Futo PA Nissan R35 GT-R Meet

May 17, 2008 Comments off

Daikoku Futo PA (Parking Area) is a popular place for night meetups by car enthusiasts. Located about 40 minutes drive from central Tokyo, every weekend (and some weeknights) see’s this place packed with wall to wall hot cars.

This Friday night (16th May) saw an unexpectedly huge showing of R35 GT-Rs with some 32 of them turning up! Tokyo channel 12 coincidentally were at Daikoku PA for other reasons but ended up filming the meet and will air a story on June 1st.

Checkout some more photos of the meet after the jump.

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Best Motoring 2009 May Preview: SpecV at Tsukuba Issue

March 25, 2009 Comments off

Well we must admit to being the instigator of a rather big controversy earlier this year when we published the story on the SpecV being slower than the base Series II Nissan GT-R at Tsukuba Circuit. Both tests were conducted by Best Motoring DVD and the information we had from a source close to Best Motoring was that the conditions were fine for both tests.


After the story was published we had the owner of the SpecV in question comment to say the conditions were completely different in both tests which pretty much invalidates the results.

Youch! So much for our source!

So we will soon be able to judge for ourselves because the issue is due in stores soon with the announcement of this issue’s release today.

Also on this DVD is a test of the Nismo 370z S-Tune vs the 370z ST model vs the Porsche Cayman and 911 PDK. Should be an interesting match up.

We’ll have an update when you can buy this when it hits the online stores in a few days.

Link: Best Motoring Website
Link: Best Motoring back issue DVD’s from 2009 –
Link: HowTo: GTRBlog’s guide on buying online @

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Zele International Kit Reaches the US

August 5, 2008 Comments off

One of the most popular ways to modify the GT-R is turning out to be this Zele International body kit which debuted this January at Tokyo Auto Salon. Many Japanese GT-R owners have opted for part or all of the kit and some have even customised it. Ben from Bulletproof Automotive has just got the first one in the US unpacked at his warehouse destined for a customer of his new GT-R online superstore The full kit in all it’s glory can be seen in these pics and for the full story checkout the link below.

Link: The Real JDM – Zele GT-R Parts

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June 9, 2008 Comments off

Not strictly R35 GT-R related but a fantastic article just published over on about their recent trip to Nismo Omori factory to play with some of the greatest cars to ever leave the place. The R33 Skyline 400R and the R34 Skyline GT-R Z-Tune. The lucky guys got handed the keys to these beasts for a day trip around Tokyo and the surrounding areas to see the sights like Nissan Gallery Ginza and Daikoku PA. To top off a great article is a huge photo gallery with some quality shots of the Z-Tune and 400R.

Thanks to Tom from for the heads up.

Link: – Life After the GT-R V-Spec? The Nismo 400R & Z-Tune – Special Tokyo Feature

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Japan: First National GT-R Owners Meeting

April 15, 2008 Comments off

The GT-R Mixi social networking club have held their annual R35 GT-R owners meeting at the Royal Hotel in Hamamatsu, Japan earlier this month. Hamamatsu is about 3 hours south east of Nagoya or 5 hours west of Tokyo. The day was mostly sunny with only a few specks of rain but of course being spring time lots of beautiful sakura (cherry blossoms) were blooming.

This has been the biggest meet so far with a total of 41 R35 GT-R’s in attendance eclipsing the usual meet sizes had at places like Daikoku Futo Parking Area by 20+ cars.

A few of the owners had already taken to modifying their GT-Rs and some of the more popular mods were exhausts and body colour matched front/rear lips and side skirts. Looks like one owner had painted his factory wheels white too which looks nice from the photos. Everyone seemed happy to talk about their cars and the atmosphere was friendly and enthusiastic as you can expect!

Follow the jump below to check out the rest of the photos.

Images and Source:

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Special Report: First Drive Impressions and Photos

January 17, 2008 Comments off

Saturday 12th January 2008 –

What a night… let me explain…

Met up with my friend Shin-san on Friday night after a long day at Tokyo Auto Salon. I had called him and asked for a ride to Daikoku-futo Parking Area, a well known hang out for fast cars about 40 minutes out of Tokyo. I knew he had an R35 GTR but I hadn’t seen it yet. We met at 9pm in Shibuya and I was in awe to see the new GTR parked downstairs when he came to pick me up.

I got in and was instantly impressed with the car. I had sat in many R35’s before but sadly none of them were running at the time, Ginza Gallery and Auto Salon cars only. The rattle of the clutches and the quiet burble of the twin turbo V6 had me anticipating great things of the night ahead.

Inside of course is full of gadgets and I was quickly playing with the MFD while Shin navigated some tight streets with construction zones to get some fuel closer to the freeway. The touch screen is a great setup and is a lot easier to use than the R34 GTRs button layout. Navigation is also built in and will automatically flip between navigation and MFD when the next turn is approaching.

While this was happening though I didn’t even notice the bumpy city streets and the ride was a lot nicer than I had expected after reading some of the Australian motoring journo’s feedback. I can only wonder if they knew how to put the car into comfort mode or if they were just blindly driving it in R-Mode…

Nothing is perfect however and the navigation system got us lost when it guided us to a closed down fuel station. A few turns later we were in Roppongi and decided to block traffic for an impromptu photo.

GTRBlog Drives the R35 GT-R - Parked in Roppongi, Tokyo


With that out of the way we could get some fuel nearby at a local Jomo station. The bowsers are located in the roof here to save space on the ground.



While filling up I got a good feel for the aesthetics of this car. It is a premium package in dark grey completely stock with all options minus the rear view camera. The big giveaway is the drilled brake rotors. The interior is black leather and is amazing to sit in and smell. The car is big and imposing and gets a lot of looks on the street.

When we got done there I got a pretty big shock when Shin handed me the attractive looking GTR keyfob and let me take the wheel. I quickly took him up on it before he could change his mind but as soon as I did so I had a nagging doubt on just how the hell I was going to back this brand new R35 GTR out into Tokyo traffic.

That quickly passed though as I realised that this new GTR is actually a amazingly easy car to drive. Large rear view side mirrors and actually useable rear view mirror inside help. Unlike both the 33 and 34 GTR which suffer due to the wing elements – adjust them at all and bye bye rear vision. Then there’s the lack of a big heavy clutch making everyday tasks so easy – you really can daily drive this thing.

I started off in auto mode and barely drove the thing at all. Lots of traffic lights made getting used to the car easier as I had a decent amount of time. Before long though I switched to manual mode where it stayed the rest of the night. The gearbox really is a dream. Everything people have been saying about it is true. Blasting up through gears in R-mode or sedately potting around town in regular mode changes are swift and smooth and you’re never off boost if your pushing it through a gear change.

Down shifts are fun too and I was constantly looking for places to shift down. Hearing that V6 motor blip it’s own throttle to shift down a gear is like listening to great music.

As for how it goes in a straight line. Fast. Never driven anything quicker. It just pulls and pulls and pulls. Even when you think it really shouldn’t be fast it is. Say 5th gear doing 100 on the freeway touch the throttle and instantly you feel good torque, nothing like driving an previous GTR. 3rd gear out of a toll booth, foot to the floor, back wheels lose traction for a tiny fraction (snow tires were fitted to this car) of a second and away you go. Left to it’s own devices the GTR will shift up at the optimal RPM point but this can be turned off. The only complaint is that it’s over so quickly reaching the limiter before you can blink.

Around corners the car felt exceedingly well planted. Body is flat through fast turns and inspires a lot of confidence. There’s just not enough corners around for me to really push it through but what I did I loved.

Anyways we eventually arrived at Daikoku PA where we found a friend to park next too.



We hung around checking out cars at Daikoku until midnight when the police kicked everyone out as they do and Shin let me drive the GTR back to Shibuya taking the Wangan Freeway.

The car is a real gem and I don’t know how I can go back to my GTR now i’ve driven one.

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