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Hot Version Volume 94 Released

October 7, 2008

Hot Version 94 is officially released today and should start appearing in bookstores and online soon. This edition promises to be a huge one featuring R35 GT-R famous tuner battles.

First up is a pure sports tuning challenge which sees the MCR R35 GT-R face off against the Super Autobacs Kobe FD3S and the Spoon NSX-R at the Maze Circuit.

Next we have a tuned R35 challenge at Ebisu Circuit with Mine’s, MCR, Zele International and Midori Seibi Center facing off time attack style.

Third – we see the MCR tuned 600hp R34 GT-R face off against the newcomer MCR R35 GT-R at Tsukuba. Kobayashi-san from MCR in the 34 and Keiichi Tsuchiya in the 35.

All this and more, check out the preview video above and stay tuned – we’ll let you know when you can pickup a copy of this video online.

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