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HKS Release Street Legal GT570 Sports Package

February 19, 2009

For those of us not willing to take the risk of failing an emissions test the HKS GT570 Racing Package presents a problem. It ships with decat exhaust components mainly and depending on your local regulations this may not technically be legal.

To suit on-road street legal applications with almost identical performance, HKS have now released the HKS GT570 Sports Package which includes pretty much what you’d expect to see on a street legal version of the HKS GT570 Racing Package kit. That is:

  • HKS Stainless Metal Catalyzer Midpipes (75mm x 2 into 80mm x 1)
  • HKS Aluminium Intercooler Piping
  • HKS EVC Electronic Boost Controller
  • HKS Super SQV Blow Off Valves with Piping Kit
  • HKS Upgraded Turbo Wastegate Actuators
  • HKS Super Fire Racing M45HL Spark Plugs

Suitable for both series I (12/2007 to 12/2008) and series II (01/2009 onwards) GT-Rs the kit is priced around the 913,500 yen mark in Japan.

This is somewhat of an increase over the 598,500 yen retail price of the GT570 Racing Package. The price of staying legal…

Link: HKS Website