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HKS Kansai Rear LSD for Nissan GT-R

June 10, 2010

First seen back in January, HKS Kansai have finally brought their rear LSD solution to market for GT-R owners. Designed to be used alone or to compliment their HKS Kansai Front LSD product, it’s also available in two specifications.

The HKS Kansai Rear LSD Spec-1 is a street and light circuit oriented diff while the HKS Kansai Front LSD Spec-2 is a competition oriented differential. Pricing is 205,800 yen for the Spec-1 while the Spec-2 is slightly more at the 249,900 yen mark.

For more information like local pricing and availability, contact your local HKS Kansai distributor…

Link: HKS Kansai Website