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HKS GT600 Sports and Racing Kit for Nissan GT-R Released

June 14, 2009


HKS’s GT570 Racing kit has been a huge hit with GT-R owners both in Japan and overseas. HKS have extended the kit before to suit street cars by producting the GT570 Sports package which shipped with high-flow catalytic converters to keep emissions in check. Now they’ve gone another step further and produced a second pair of packages known as the GT600 Racing and GT600 Sports kits.

The GT600 package evolves the existing GT570 kit and in fact ships with all the same equipment plus a few extras. Those include the HKS Premium Suction kit – large diameter OE intake piping replacements – a fuel regulator and a fuel pump. The GT600 kit also ships with the HKS Superior Finisher fitted with an exclusive GT600 badge. A small dyno comparison chart of all four kits can be seen below:


The pricing for each kit has also been released, for the GT600 Racing package you get three options. The GT600 Racing base package is 882,000 yen. For the less obnoxious “Silencer Version” fitted with an additional muffler in the exhaust you will pay 903,000 yen. Finally for the LEGAMAX Premium exhaust version you’re looking at 1,155,000 yen all up.

If being street legal is your thing, then you’ll opt for the GT600 Sports package at 1,197,000 yen for the base package for 1,470,000 yen including the LEGAMAX Premium exhaust.

The GT570 Racing package base price is 598,500 yen so you’re looking at ponying up just under 300,000 yen more for the GT600 Racing kit that most buyers will go for.

Link: HKS Website / HKS GT600 Release