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HKS GT570 Racing Package Dyno’d

September 3, 2008

The HKS GT570 racing package was unveiled recently in a HKS press release. The kit features exhaust, intake pipe kit, boost controller and wastegate actuators (see previous post for more details) and is said to be good for 570ps. Not sure if HKS mean to say 570ps at the engine but the dyno graphs on their website seem to suggest that reading of 579ps.

Recently Top Racing in Hong Kong got hold of one of these new kits and fitted it up. On the Dyno Dynamics dyno it made 559.2ps at all wheels. Pretty serious power and it sounds great too.

Link: HKS Technical Factory GT570 Racing Package Home Page
Link: Top Racing Home Page
Video: HyperZpeed via CBA-R35 Blog

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