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HKS DCT Transmission Fluid and Transmission Oil Pan Upgrade for Nissan GT-R

July 24, 2010

More choice is what the aftermarket is all about and it’s good to finally see some more choice opening up in the DCT fluid arena. HKS have launched two new products for the R35 GT-R’s transmission lately. The latest offerings from HKS come in the form of this great looking and functional alloy transmission oil pan. You might be surprised though to learn what HKS tout as the number one feature here however, their oil pan’s rigidity – 30% more rigid that the OEM part in fact.

HKS are saying that due to the innate rigidity of the honeycomb mesh structure they’ve built into this cast allot oil pan, the transmission casing overall will benefit resulting in lower wear on internal components. The theory being that when the transmission case flexes the internal bits rub just that fraction more than they would in a not flexed state.

This isn’t the first aftermarket company to offer parts to combat this issue but this is the first simple oil pan upgrade that has come out and said this. The HKS Transmission Oil Pan will set you back around 84,000 yen in Japan.

Next up is also very welcome, a DCT fluid that is supposedly more protecting when cold, smoother to drive every day and that is also better protecting at high temperatures. It manages to do all this and yet come out cheaper than the OEM transmission fluid fill. A 20 litre container of the HKS DCTF-I will do two transmission fluid changes (at 9.1 litres each) and set you back around 78,750 yen in Japan.

Hit up the links below for more information or speak to your local HKS distributor for local pricing…

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