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History of the Nissan GT-R: Exterior Design

June 8, 2008

Most of us know of the GT-R Concept car and the GT-R Proto but not many of us have seen the other GT-R designs which made it all the way from the drawing board to scale model or even full scale mock-up stage before being rejected. A design competition was held and entries were accepted from Nissan’s global designers. About 80 submissions were received and a 100 strong team of designers was put to work to get it to the final stages. Leading these designers was a team of 6 including Kazutoshi Mizuno and Carlos Ghosn himself.

The design process was both innovative and successful for Nissan and they plan to use all or part of the concepts learnt in designing future cars such as the next Z. Time Magazine wrote a great article on this very subject back in March and it’s worth taking a look at if you’re interested.

Here are a series of photographs detailing some of the 80 designs and how they started in sketch and made their way to models for final selection.

Link: Time Magazine: Revving up Nissan
Source: 日産GT-Rのすべて Magazine

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