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Hirano Tire: R35 GT-R Update

April 5, 2008

Hirano Tire have published a few updates on their blog recently regarding the development of their R35 GT-R for track/time attack as well as the design stages of a new range of Hirano Tire Aero parts.

Hirano Tire’s GT-R upgrades so far include a full endless brake upgrade kit utilising Endless Mono6 Type-3 6 pot front calipers and slotted two piece rotors. Full Endless ZEAL suspension setup all round is also installed replacing the factory Bilstein Damptronics. Hirano replaced the stock seats with carbon kevlar items clothed in bright red from Bride. These are the same brakes and suspension MCR are running on their R35 GT-R as well.

As mentioned they are also in the design stages of a new range of Hirano Aero parts. So far they’ve come up 4 new front lip spoiler designs (click the link for pics) all integrating ducting of some sort as well as some designed to increase front downforce.

Link: Hirano Tire (Japanese)
Link: Hirano Tire Blog

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