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Haltech Release Platinum Pro ECU for Nissan R35 GT-R

June 17, 2009


This month marks the end of quite a long development process for the much anticipated Haltech fully programmable ECU for the Nissan R35 GT-R. The guys have released it now for Japanese and Australian delivered GT-R models with US delivered models to follow shortly.

High Performance Fuel and Ignition ECU for Nissan R35 GTR

The next generation in engine management. Purpose built for Nissan’s supercar, the Platinum Pro R35 GTR ECU is a fully programmable ECU interfacing directly with all the standard Nissan sensors and on board computer systems, taking control of all the essential engine management tasks such as fuel delivery, ignition timing, boost levels, camshaft positioning and correction maps.

The Platinum Pro R35 GTR ECU even interfaces with the factory Nissan CAN Bus for on board diagnostic and troubleshooting. The Platinum Pro R35 GTR ECU unlocks the limitless potential of Nissan’s VR Powerhouse.


  • Sequential Fuel Control
  • Direct Fire Ignition Control
  • Variable Camshaft postion mapping
  • Knock Detection
  • Engine Rev Limiter
  • Closed loop boost control
  • Launch control
  • Closed loop wideband 02 control
  • On board data logging
  • Speed density, Alpha-N or MAF tuning
  • Additional user definable inputs and outputs
  • Windows Software

In terms of those GT-R owners who have managed to extract big power with existing technologies (such as OE ECU re-flashes) you’ll be well aware of the protective nature of the stock ECU. Boost cuts, limp modes and so on all hold you back whether you’re on the drag strip, circuit or even occasionally just hard driving on the street. To utilise the GT-R’s VR38 to it’s full potential, this should be on your wish list.

For those of you chasing hard data and results, I point you in the direction of the recent NAGTROC thread where “One Lap of America” winner Underpressure has been tuning and testing with his Haltech unit already and has published some pretty amazing in-progress dyno charts.

Link: Haltech Website
Link: NAGTROC thread – Results from Haltech Tune In-Progress