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Haltech GT-R Runs 11.1 @ 124mph in Stock Trim w/Haltech ECU

May 18, 2008

GTRBlog was down at the Mackenzie’s Motor Trimming Compak Attak out at Western Sydney International Dragway (WSID) at Eastern Creek today to see the Haltech Nissan R35 GT-R run. In their first run of the morning at 9.30am on a cold track into a headwind they ran an 11.1 @ 124mph using the GT-R’s launch control system. Their second run saw the launch control system disarm itself prior to the start but they still ran an 11.5 @ 125.9mph. Their third and final run saw similar issues and they managed an 11.8 @ 126mph. It must be said that this is Haltech’s first run down the strip in the new GT-R so the launch control routine is still not 100% familiar to all their drivers.

GTRBlog spoke with Haltech on their development progress with the new GT-R and after not much more than a week in the workshop they had already cracked the ECU and prototyped their own full computer for engine management. Right now the Haltech Platinum ECU is running ignition, timing and fuel maps for the GT-R while the standard ECU is still in place for ABS, ATTESSA, accessories and so forth.

While developing and tuning the ECU on the dyno Haltech had tried replacing various sections of the exhaust including the center muffler section including the secondary cats as well as the rear muffler section but saw very little in the way of worthwhile gains. They have since put the exhaust back to standard.

So yes you read that right, standard GT-R, full interior, full stock exhaust, Haltech ECU runs 11.1. It doesn’t stop here though, Halltech hope to see 10’s with a little more development and a strong launch on a good day. I’d say they’re well on their way to meeting this goal.

Follow the jump to read the timeslip from today’s 11.1 at Compak Attak and stay tuned for a full update soon with a photo gallery from today.

Update: Forgot to mention this was on pump gas, everyday 98 RON unleaded. (93 octane US)

Update: Video uploaded by Haltech of the 11.1 run. Cheers to Dan from Haltech for the heads up.


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