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GTRBlog Tech: Inside the R35 GT-R Intelligent Key

April 6, 2008

I’ve always been one to pull things apart and figure out how they work or make them work better. Sometimes it works out for the best, a lot of the time I break things but I try not to think about that too much.

I received my R35 GT-R “Intelligent Key” in the post a couple of months back now and it’s been on my to do list to break it open and see about converting it to unlock my existing GT-R’s alarm system since then. I got it at a great price, well under Nissan’s RRP, so breaking it is not one of my worries. My idea was to make it work on my R33 GT-R or use it as a bookshelf ornament if worse came to worse.

The first thing I noticed when I got the keyfob was it’s missing an integral piece. The key blank that opens the car in case of power failure. The idea is that it slides into the back of the main body and you can lock it in there and unlock it to slide it back out. I have since found out that’s a separate part number so I will order that when the time comes as without it the keyfob does not hang on a keychain.

I broke it open anyway, which was a simple job as this is the only way to replace the battery, and was met with a predictable skinny circuit board with 2 different surface mount IC’s, a large antenna, 3 switches and a hand full of other surface mount components. The circuit board may be compact but it is larger than my average sized alarm keyfob I’m using now. The unit’s are made by Siemans VDO and are marked as such.

Here is the back side of the circuit board housing the battery terminal positive side. You can see one of the surface mount ICs and the antenna.

This is the front and you can see the 3 switches and another larger surface mount IC.

After I had the whole thing apart it was remarkably simple job to stick the innards of my GT-R’s alarm keyfob inside. I needed to Dremel off some interior plastic which took about 3 minutes but once completed and sealed up you cant see any difference from the outside. Only the top button functions since my alarm has a single button for lock and unlock functions and no trunk release but I now have a fully functional R35 alarm remote for my R33.

Next step, get the blank key to insert in it off Nissan so I can stick the whole thing on my keyring.

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