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GTRBlog Review: Nissan GT-R Photo Album (Book)

May 14, 2008

I picked this book up the other day as it had finally touched down in my local Kinokuniya store. For those folks who don’t know Kinokuniya is a global chain store stocking books of all kind but especially Japanese books and magazines. There are Kinokuniya stores in Japan, USA, Australia and elsewhere in SE Asia.

Like the title of this book suggests, the goal here is to show off Nissan’s new GT-R in a selection of glossy photographs (see reference pics) and to that end it succeeds brilliantly.

More amazing photos from this book, continuation of the review and places where you can buy it after the jump.

The book is broken down into 3 main photographic chapters covering the themes:

  • Nurburgring
  • Factory
  • Tokyo

There are also 3 further chapters covering technical specifications, manufacturing processes and car features:

  • Technical Comments
  • Spec
  • Tokyo +

Nuburgring follows the life of the workhorse development GT-Rs at Germany’s famous Nurburgring track, where the GT-R has now set a incredible 7m29s lap time. A highlight is where the photographer manages to convey a real sense of effort expended at the track by the Nissan test drivers showing a extremely bug splattered GT-R front end.

Factory gets inside the Nissan, Tochigi plant in more detail than many of us have seen before with a real exploration of the engine building clean room and the mechanisms that live inside.

Tokyo is a breathtaking series of shots taken as the GT-R stalks the streets of Tokyo at all hours of the night and day. The photos in this post are some taken from that chapter.

These 3 chapters make up the majority of the book and stretch 107 of the 141 pages. Following on from there are technical data sections with Japanese text and more assembly line photos and a series of photos covering the various features of the car.

Overall this book makes a fantastic addition if you’re collecting GT-R books as it offers some spectacular photography without demanding huge Japanese language skills. It also makes a great coffee table book for any real GT-R enthusiast.

Name: GTR Photo Album
Authors: Chikara Kitabatake, Seiichi Hashimoto, MPI
Publisher: Gakken Mook
Size: 30 cm, 141 pages
ISBN: 9784056051360
Price Japan: 2,800 yen @ Amazon Japan
Price US: $37.25 USD
Price Australia: $51.12
Available: Now

Link: Buy it online @ Amazon.co.jp (signup required but English available)
Link: Driving Future: Nissan GT-R Special Home Page
Photos: Chikara Kitabatake (1,3 and 4) and GTRBlog.com (2)

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