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GTRBlog Now Available in More Languages in More Places

June 22, 2009


Isn’t social media great? Well if you enjoy the ‘blog you have to say yes even if you hate social media. There’s a load of people still on the fence as well and to those people I say, give it a try, you might like it. The worst that could happen is you end up with several crazy cyber-stalkers who break into your house to watch you while you sleep.

Anyways, GTRBlog has grown up a bit over the past two years and so has the Nissan GT-R. The GT-R is available in many more countries than any previous Skyline GT-R, which never really officially made it’s way properly out of Japan except in handfulls or grey imports. That means we have a potential audience greater than ever before and to capture this we’ve teamed up with Martin from Taipei, Taiwan to bring you GTRBlog in Traditional Chinese.

Let me introduce Martin to readers, although you may not read the Traditional Chinese version of the ‘blog, the story of how the Nissan GT-R legend has spread to Taiwan is interesting.

Martin is one of just 25 GT-R owners so far in Taiwan owning the white one pictured above. When Yulon Nissan began taking pre-orders in late 2008, Martin put his name down and took delivery in May 2009 from the Taipei Nissan High Performance Center (NHPC). From that day on he has been subject to much attention on the road as the GT-R is as much a rockstar in Taiwan as it is elsewhere. From camera flashes from passers-by to being filmed on his drive home.

As most people outside the US and Japan have come to realise, the GT-R is no cheap toy and Taiwan is no exception to that. Even at around $157,000 USD mark MSRP Martin still thinks it’s great value for money.

From experience with both GT-Rs and my own long road trips across Taiwan’s mountain and coastal roads I whole heartedly agree!

What about the GT-R scene in Taiwan and where is it headed? With Japan being just a quick hop away, easy access to tuning parts is extremely useful. There’s already a Mine’s dealership and a couple of Mine’s tweaked 600hp R35’s in country. He’s also pretty confident we’ll be seeing a couple of big HP Trust-T6 turbo kit fitted GT-Rs on the streets of Taiwan just as soon as they become available.

Can’t wait to see them next time I’m in Taiwan.

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In other news, GTRBlog can now be found on Facebook and followed on Twitter. Many of you prefer to get your news in Tweets and spend your afternoons on Facebook and why not eh. I’m also uploading unique content and some old favourite photo albums to Facebook as time goes by so don’t forget to add it as a favourite page and become a fan.

That’s it for this update. Thanks for sticking with us!

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