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GTRBlog.com Project Car: Part 1 – Pickup

October 3, 2007

GTRBlog.com is run by GTR enthusiasts and while we can?t buy a new Nissan GT-R just yet we have picked up an R33 GTR for a project which we?ll be building up in coming months.

The car is a fairly standard 1996 R33 GTR in QM1 white. The deal maker was that the previous owner had just spent $9,000 on rebuilding the motor after an unfortunate self service went wrong. Always check the sump plug kids.

So we have:

  • CP forged pistons and rings 20 thou oversized
  • Eagle H beam rods
  • Tomei sump baffles
  • Tomei rocker cover baffles
  • Tomei metal head gasket
  • Gates timing belt
  • Reconditioned head
  • Blue printed reassembly
  • Nur coloured engine covers 😀

Engine Bay Pic:

Which is great because not only did he take care of the internals he also took care of the other items which normally require the engine to be removed such as sump baffles.

The car was picked up in Adelaide, South Australia and driven to Sydney nearl 1400 kilometers away over the weekend. The trip was uneventful to say the least while the car behaved perfectly. We discovered two minor problems on the way though:

  • Starter motor is shagged
  • Noise from front right tie rod bushes

The drive from Adelaide to Sydney crosses some of the flattest land I’ve ever seen:

As well as the fact that the installed 5zigen exhaust is the loudest thing I’ve ever driven. That will be the first thing to go!

So plans so far are:

  • Repairs to starter motor and any suspension bushes that need replacing
  • New exhaust
  • More Power!

Stay tuned for part 2 coming up next!

Link to the rest of the pics.

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