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GTRBlog.com – Nine Year Update – Hello 2021

July 10, 2021

Well its only been 9 years since the last post, so obviously not much has changed in the GT-R world 😀 I’ve had some motivation (thanks COVID lockdowns!) to post again on the site so here goes. Let’s see how rusty I am at finding interesting GT-R posts. Surely the next GT-R is right around the corner?

I think I might start by posting a few things about what’s been going on in the GT-R world in my absence. I’m very interested in the Japanese SuperGT scene as it seems a lot has changed. Who would have expected the Toyota Supra to be a thing again 9 years ago!?

I’ve also tried to do some basic modernization to the site. I’ve fixed a load of broken images, broken links, broken videos. I’ve cranked up the image sizes overall and the width of the page. Monitors sure have changed since 2009-ish when I launched the last redesign of the site. Comments are disabled due to spammers but might re-enable them if people prefer to engage that way.

Anyway stay tuned! Let me know if anyone’s still reading, you can Tweet me @ctfkris or email me @gtrblog.com. I’ll gladly take photos of your GT-R projects to post. I know there’s a lot of beastly Godzillas getting around these days.

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