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GTR-World.net: Zele Nissan R35 GT-R Tuning

May 20, 2008

It’s no secret around here that the Zele R35 GT-R is our favourite tuner GT-R out there right now (followed by the Zele kitted Phoenix’s Power car in case you were wondering). GTR-World.net have written another article for us to drool over more pics of the Zele demo car, here’s our English version of the same.

You may have already seen this car in various auto magazines across Japan. This example of Nissan’s new R35 GT-R is developed by the number one specialist dealer in new and used Skyline – GT-Rs Zele International and made it’s debut at Tokyo AutoSalon in January 2008. The car created a wave of enthusiasm not only in Japan but around the world.

Source: GTR-World.net – Zele R35 GTR Tuning (Japanese)

Click through the jump to read the article in English and view the full photo gallery.

The first thing to notice is the Orange Pearl paint job. Front bumpers, front lip spoiler, side skits, rear under spoiler from Zele replace the original factory parts. This kit accentuates the GT-R’s design and does not interfere with the lines of the car. These parts are made in carbon fiber, in fact carbon fiber is used throughout to draw focus in places like the front fender duct and the NACA ducts on the bonnet.

Sales on the aero kit are going well and many orders from outside Japan have already been taken. UK Nissan Dealership Middlehurst Nissan has also ordered the kit for their own demo car.

Further carbon products are in development including a radiator shroud and carbon engine cover. Zele will continue to look into developing even more parts in the future.

Zele Performance Tuning

Zele are in the midst of development of their FZ-ROM ECU range for a variety of situations. The FZ-ROM Type I is already in the final stages of development an will feature a slight boost increase to 0.8 bar (with a short spike to 0.9 bar in the midrange). The speed limiter has been raised to 260 km/h to bring it into line with imports into Japan as opposed to the factory 180 km/h limit.

The FZ-ROM Type I will be sold with a one-year engine warranty and retail price is expected to be around the 180,000 yen ($1,800 USD) region. Expect the Type I to go on sale around the end of May but pre-orders can be made now direct to Zele International.

FZ-ROM Type II is also already in development, differences include a removed speed limiter and an increased rev-limit and more.

Other performance products Zele are developing right now are a full titanium exhaust for street and track.


For suspension, Zele have elected to keep the standard Bilsteins and use the C-ring groove technique to lower the car around 25mm from and rear. They have also modified the bump stops to prevent bottoming out the lowered suspension.

The wheels are Rays Gram Lights R57GT originally made for the Nissan 350Z in 9.5×20 +25 offset front and 10.5×20 +15 offset rear. The fitment is ideal though.

Check out all the photos at the link below.

Link: Zele-International
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Photos: GTR-World.net – Full Gallery

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