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GTR-World.net: Interview with HKS Kansai

May 2, 2008

There is a new interview up on the GTR-World.net website with HKS Kansai boss Toshiyuki Mukai about their impressions of the Nissan GT-R and also on tuning the new addition to their stable. GTR-World were also able to test drive HKS Kansai’s GT-R

Mukai-san comments that the first thing they noticed was the high seating position and that this had to change. The seat was also not supportive enough under high G cornering and finally the position of the seat also was not conducive to taking long trips. To fix this they fitted the Recaro TS series seats in red up front which lower the seat height as well as providing a considerable weight saving.

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Source: GTR-World.net

The suspension They fitted up their own HKS HiperMax III prototype suspension setup which has recently gone on sale. The suspension seems to ride well and feels confident on the road. Mukai-san commented that the standard Bilsteins were not to his liking and felt a lot like a worn springs with over-damped shocks.

HKS Kansai have also changed up the tires on this car, replacing the standard runflats with some non-runflat ADVAN tires from Yokohama. This improved the ride overall due to less stiff sidewalls of the ADVANs.

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