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GTR-World.net Brings Us Updates and Photos from Osaka Automesse

February 12, 2008

Thanks to the guys at GTR-World.net for bringing us some good coverage of Osaka AutoMesse which was held over the weekend, 9th – 11th of February. Some very interesting pics can be found at their photo gallery but I’ve mirrored a few on GTRBlog so that we can comment on them. Don’t forget to click the images for larger versions. Also don’t forget to check out GTR-World.net for the rest of the photos as I am not posting them all here.

First up we have some pics of the HKS Kansai R35 GT-R looking suspiciously similar to what we saw at TAS. Not much time has passed but at least we are now seeing HKS Kansai floor mats. The car is now equipped with:

– HKS Kansai mats
– Recaro RS-GS seats which is a change from TAS where it was sporting some Recarco JC / JJ seats

Next we have the Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) red hot GT-R. As we have already seen over the past few weeks MCR have been developing this car and modifying it in terms of brakes, suspension , exhaust and wheels.

Now we get to see it looking quite good with the Enkei RPF01 type RC wheels which just so happen to be the exact same as what the Endless R35 GT-R was wearing at TAS back in January. So lots of Endless’ hard work paying off it seems.

Also we can see a close up of that ARC exhaust tip.

Mine’s R35 GT-R is up next and finally I got to see what their carbon rear spoiler looks like. This was not on display as far as I saw at TAS but it looks amazing. Also thrown in for good measure is a carbon fiber front lip. Not a great deal more is different here.

Interestingly the Mine’s aero mirrors have been removed from the car… What’s the deal?

More pics of this car at GTR-World.net.

We also have the Fujimura Auto R35 GT-R. I hadn’t personally seen this car before but I was kinda perplexed when I saw what they had done.

Sure they fitted up some great Work VS wheels and some nice Recaro seats but what’s that on the dash??? Yes it’s an ashtray! Apparently the Nissan option ashtray in the center console isn’t too convenient for Fujimura-san so he’s gone and invented this!

Last but not least we have the Harrison R35 GT-R, still looking as badass as ever. Not much has changed here but still worth a mention:

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